One People Voice, based in Oakland, CA, is a hybrid processional orchestra and chant ensemble. With roots in the Balinese baleganjur, the troupe utilizes gongs and drums from Bali, which are interwoven with other world and western instruments. One People Voice merges voice, percussion, and other instrumentation, with theater and dance. Musical references also include the Far East, Africa, eastern Europe and the Americas.

Integral to One People Voice is the mythic theater, which incorporates kecak [pronounced KETjak], also known as monkey chant. This very physical theater draws from the traditions of Bali and from many other cultures. Performances are magical, joyful, alive, and full of surprise.

To date One People Voice has taught and continues to teach chant workshops in Atlanta,GA; Black Rock City, NV; San Francisco, Sausalito, Oakland, Los Angeles, and Santa Cruz,CA; Ashland and Portland, OR, Seatlle, WA; Austin, TX; New York City; Amsterdam; Berlin and Schloss Brĝllin, Germany.

The Gamelan has performed in Atlanta, GA, 02,03. In 04: Austin, TX; Los Angeles, Oakland, Santa Cruz, San Francisco, CA; Ashland and Portland, OR; and Seattle, WA; Black Rock City, NV(02, 03, 04).

In addition, One People Voice has produced shows incorporating kecak into Western theatrical form:

Plutonium Pit, 7 Stages, June '02, Atlanta, GA.

Story Time, performed as part of the First Glance Festival, Atlanta GA, October '02, and collaborated on the productions of the Burning Man Opera: Atlantis '00, Ark of the Neriads '02, Opera Omphalos '03. Black Rock City, NV.

Company Bios

Grady Cousins is the artistic director and founder of One People Voice. He has a BFA in Theater from California Institute of the Arts, having studied under I Nyoman Wenten, world renowned Balinese master of dance and music. He also trained in butoh with the Body Weather Laboratory in Los Angeles, led by Oguri, a long time member of Min Tanaka and Company. Since 1998 he has studied and performed under Anna Halprin, the post-modern dance pioneer who integrates ritual and healing into the intentions of dance. He has performed as a physical theatre performer and singer songwriter throughout the US and Europe, and his music appears on the self produced recording Frail Body, and on Test Market #1, a CD for Daemon Records, a label created by Amy Ray of the Indigo Girls.