We have been performing the bale ganjur (Marching Gamelan) and teaching monkey chant to young people and adults for the last three years throughout North America and Europe. The roots of both these disciplines come from Bali, one of the smaller Islands in Indonesia. Monkey chant, or kecak, is a highly dynamic, rhythmically- interlocking, ritualized chant Way-of-Being. Our Chant includes vocal/rhythmic elements and drum language ranging from 'human beat box' to various world music traditions and experimental techniques.

In our incarnation of the bale ganjur, we have a parade orchestra of gongs and drums, hybridized with other world and Western instruments. Our 'mythic' or 'neo-traditional' theatre is a very physical form of drama and dance that draws from traditional theatre of Bali and includes new mythic characters developed with intention to communicate viscerally with audiences everywhere. All characters and movement are supported by and interact with the music of the gamelan and kecak, which is at turns magical, joyful, and wild.

Into this traditional Balinese rhythmic texture we may also bring elements of Western and African origin, creating a synthesis which alternates between mystical, chaotic, playful, and sublime.