Alex Hamilton
Zelda Hamilton



Gallery Owner

Cape Town, South Africa

BANG! The Gallery



One warm summer afternoon in Cape Town, South Africa, we ventured into BANG! The Gallery. While the city abounds with small galleries, BANG! stood out. A well rounded gallery of contrasts, rather than a multiple of relative sameness permeating throughout: from the numerous bright and energetic paintings adorning the walls to the earthy, found material alien sculptures commanding the corners and the handmade jewelery spilling from the glass floor cases. This eclectic gallery offers both decorative and functional works by a variety of southern African artists. With a desire to reflect a positive energy in the new South Africa's artworld BANG ! provides a platform for contemporary painters, sculptors, jewelers, photographers, potters.

Having the opportunity to spend time with the gallery's owners and curators, Alex and Zelda Hamilton, during our stay in Cape Town, their openness and jubilant energy towards life won us over.

'Alex Hamilton explores the phenomenon of merchandising beliefs and ideologies and produces a series of images on canvas that hovers between classical Renaissance Catholicism and Andy Warhol-esque Pop Art. By suggesting in the title of this exhibition, that often the merchandising of a belief can also trivialize the true meaning, it also comments on his own art is often viewed as substance-lacking kitchen art. The shift between the serious and the trivial makes for an interesting combination of elements and a colourful, joyous exhibition.'

The gallery has regular openings -- check out their award winning site for more information.