Bachar Al Issa



Born in Ghannamieh

Resides in Paris



One rainy Saturday afternoon in Paris, oneoeople set out to find an artist whose work we had admired earlier in the week at Gallery L'Espace. The surreal landscapes of earth and life had captivated us. After speaking at length with the gallery's curator through an interesting combination of french, english, and internet, he rang Bachar and requested that he meet with us that same afternoon.

Following the hour long interview, Bachar invited us to a traditional Syrian dinner with he and his family the following evening. After a two hour long metro ride through the bellows of Paris, we arose to the surface to meet Bachar. An unforgetable evening with our lively discussion on art, and the experience of being a woman in a traditional Arabic home. Suddenly I was 'one of the guys'...


Le Sol
C'est une fenetre ouverte sur les mondes innés de l'esprit, avec ses calins et son labeur.
Ces mondes surprises qui évoquent le secret féminin orné de reves et de desirs durs
comme la lame du couteau.


"Bachar is one of the most dynamic painters to hit the Syrian Art scene. He attempted to recreate the mythology of Kurdish peasants, the desert plateau of Hasaké and the haunting scenes of legends told by the Kurds.

His work is an effort to express the regional traditions of northeast Syria and the unique peasant life of the harvest workers. Other features are the flute-the siren of life and death-the clothing of the peasantry, the movements of people carrying burdens, facial and hand tattoos"

Pat McDonald