Bridget Baker

Conceptual Artist



Born In South Africa



Resides In Cape Town





onepeople met with Bridget Baker in Cape Town, South Africa (February 1998). She invited us to her house, located at the base of Table Mountain, and there, we spent the late morning talking about and looking at examples of this young artist's metaphorical ( and whimsical! ) work. Though art-as-catharsis is a common theme in this changing country, we found Baker's open reference to her family and her search for identity through embroidery unexpectedly refreshing. Bridget holds a Masters of Fine Arts degree and her work has been published and exhibited internationally.

We were able to see Bridget Baker's installation while in New York City this last September '99. It was on exhibit as a part of LIBERATED VOICES: Contemporary Art from South Africa at The Museum for African Art in New York City. The four shots to the right in the top bar were from the exhibit


Johannesburg Biennale 97