Veronika Bromova





Digital artist

Born in Prague,






onepeople met with Veronika on a chilly Tuesday afternoon. After an unintended two hour walk through Prague -- trying to find the correct address, we found ourselves in a bizarre apartment building. ( Unfamiliar with the nuances of the Czech language, we mistakenly read the city map incorrectly ). Fortunately, the residents were most willing to help us. Finally pointed in the right direction, we arrived at Veronika's workplace.

Veronika's name had been passed along to us through another Czech artist. With no familiarity with Bromova's photography, we spent the first half hour looking through catalogues of her exhibits. Wow! Her work simply floored us.

With a desire to reveal what the eye and the camera cannot see, Veronika often superimposes anatomical drawings over her photographs. She has deservedly received countless awards for her work.

The Artist and the Polar Bear, A synopsis of a film currently in Production based on Veronika's stay in New York City.