Mark Coetzee





Gallery Owner






onepeople met with Mark Coetzee in Cape Town, South Africa in February of 1998. He was at once as excited about our project as we were with his art and his gallery space.

Mark has strong beliefs in art and creative expression and often fights hard to keep controversial shows hanging, open to the public. Unlike many of his curatorial peers, Mark uses the sales of his own art to pay for the exhibitions of other South African artists. He travels extensively knocking on warehouse doors and scouring the countryside always looking for a new or overlooked talent. No one is out of the accessible reach of a gallery showing.

" The Art School education one gets here is very Eurocentric. One spends, possibly a few weeks on the whole history of African Art, you don't go beyond that, you don't discuss contemporary African artists. One spends very little time even discussing contemporary South African art. "

-Mark Coetzee