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Nebojsina 41/26 11000 Beograd Yugoslavia 011-99-381-11457025 or 647979


Womens Contemporary Theater Laboratory from Belgrade, Yugoslavia.

An exerpt of Documents of Timeswhich will be performed on Friday Feb. 11th and Saturday Feb 12th at 8pm.





Documents of Times

Dedicated to Sejo and Joha and Mostar Youth Theatre

Documents of Time was created in Belgrade, May and June of 1999, while NATO was nightly bombing Yugoslavia. The performance is a record of lived-through reality bites, carved on the performers bodies, vanishing when they leave. It is the testimony of reality dissolving in front of us. The piece represents the impossibility to capture a time, and seeks to fill a need for a different kind of record and witness

" When NATO started to bomb my country in the spring of 1999, the last year of this century, suddenly all that we knew as human beings and artists was questioned. Personally, I realized that I understand nothing about this century, politics or history. My mind was empty facing this strange logic of the contemporary politicians- to kill more in order to prevent killing.

"My colleagues from the theatre shared very similar thoughts with me. We realized that we needed the wisdom of somebody, veruy , veryold, who can look from upon the dark times in which we live. So, we choose to speak in our pewrformance through two very old ladies who came out of old museums, archives full of dust, using the collective memory of mankind that is recorded in the books. They meet at the staircase of the museum where they dance through their memories, bringing something that surprised also us, the artists who created them , forgiveness."

Dijana Milosevic