Jean -Paul Dispaux


Co - Director of IDEST

Multilingual Communications


Capoeira, Bel Horizon









Jean-Paul Dispaux is the co-director for IDEST, he is also a co-founder of the not-for-profit company, ADHOC, which was established as a cultural extension of IDEST Communications. ADHOC works with several Belgian artists and art groups and has arranged many cultural arts exchanges between Belgium and Atlanta, Georgia; South Africa; and Brazil. ADHOC is always looking for more opportunities to be involved in cross-cultural arts exchanges

ADHOC is also involved in project production and in 1994 produced a documentary that explores a new cultural dance and music movement which comes from the streets of Brazil. Capoeira is a true Brazilian art form that is garnering much international attention. The film is colour, shot in super 16mm ( blown up to 35mm). It has been selected to play at many European film festivals, most recently in one of Africa's largest film festivals in Burkino Faso.

onepeople met Jean Paul through the internet. We spent much time with him, both at his home in Brussels and also in southern Africa, where he flew in to meet and travel with us.

Since that time Jean Paul has been busy with translations, travel, concerts, art events, and . . . has just finished producing an album, ITSHE, for Aura Msimang


In his spare time, Jean-Paul plays percussion in a four piece band in Brussels called "Caroline Coiffure."

 "Musique klezmer et d'Europe centrale, agrementee de morceaux grecs et turks, le tout saupoudre de quelques javas et autres choros nordestines....avec une raie sur le cote." -----Central European Klezmer music - mainly of Greek and Turkish influence

Jean-Baptise Nicaise: Accordeon; Olivier Deleuze: Saxophone; Christophe Morisset: Sousaphone; Jean-Paul Dispaux: Percussion