David Patterson




Savannah, Georgia




New York City


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David is a Fender endorsed artist, as well as an Elixir strings endorsed artist .

Recent developments with the Shawn Mullins band:

  • VH1 broadcast of a live show at the Hard Rock Cafe.
  • 2 Platinum Records (USA and Canada) and 3 Gold Records of "Soles Core" ( United States, Canada and Australia)

Since the age of 11, David has chosen the guitar to express his love of music. His initial training came from a jazz pianist with whom David studied until he was 18. In the following two years , he studied the disciplined and inspiring Segovia-style classical guitar repertoire and completed his degree under John Sutherland at the University of Georgia in Athens. Graduating in 1982 with a Bachelors degree in Performance, David then moved to Europe, working in London, and performing in small clubs in Germany. By 1984, David settled in Atlanta where he persisted at making an honest living as a guitar player.

He can now be heard on 26 nationally and locally produced CD's. In 1995 he released his solo CD- "Selene" . In 1997 he was commissioned to write " Two Rock Stars," for "Ondine and Co" (an Atlanta based dance group). He also composed music for Atlanta photographer / filmmaker, David Zeiger, for his independent film, " The Band," which aired nationally on PBS's "P.O.V." series in late '98. David has toured extensively with the Indigo Girls in the last four years and is a very much in demand musician. In 1998, the Georgia Guitar Quartet premiered his transcription of "Ravel's String Quartet (2nd Movement) for, ... well four guitars of course! Shortly thereafter his talents were sought out by another Atlanta musician, Shawn Mullins. For the past two years, David has played guitar with Shawn, touring the United States, Europe and Australia.