Eric Oberthaler





Resides in Val Verde,




The cultivation of sonic ecologies, event spearhead, participatory rituals catalyzed

Music: pattern dazzle, lazy eye, soundworld counterpoint, liquid/malleable, fuzzy wallpaper, extended weave, forest murmur, sprawling vines, iridescence

Instrument: voice, trumpet, psyberhorn, keyboard, synchronized sample-loop organ, midi computer brain, mobile/modular gizmo-strapped walking man

Burning Man Opera, Musical Director

Friends & Collaborators: Grady Cousins, Creationation, Andre LaFosse, Anaphoria


Links: World Builders Co, The Hunger Site, SETI@Home , Earthville

Extended travel in India

M.F.A. @ CalArts; B.M. @ Oberlin


Please visit the music pages to hear some of Eric's music .