Guy Segers



Label Owner & Distributor



Brussels Belgium











Guy is currently a co-owner of Carbon 7 Records which is based out of Brussels. From their website, on-liners can order any of the CD's that they carry -- none of which are available in the US. They not only publish Belgian groups, but distribute ones from a variety of foreign labels as well. This is one of tho

se record companies where you would see the label and buy it immediately; whether you were familiar with a particular group or not.


Guy also manages some of Brussels' local groups. One in particular is AKA MOON. Incredible diversity, technical and intuitive skill based on tribal rhythms and mixed musical structures with strong leanings towards to traditional jazz.


onepeople met with Guy at his office in Brussels. An energetic and personable individual, Guy is well respected as a musician, producer, and manager. We were thrilled with the unexpected opportunity to interview Guy while in Belgium. He shed some interesting light on operating an independent label.


Guy began his music career many years ago and is most often remembered as the bass player for Universe Zero. He has most recently been involved with the four member group, Present. Their latest recording "Certitude" (1998) is available through Cuneiform Records.