Istvan Kantor



Performance Artist



Hungary; Canada




Full Metal Racket





Istvan Kantor (aka Monty Cantsin) founder of Neoism?!, is a media artist / producer who has been active in the fields of media arts for more than two decades, consciously working with new technical possibilities of sound and visual presentation (performance, robotics, installation,sound, music, video, new media)

His main subjects are the decay of technology and the struggle of the individual in a technological society. His work has been described by the media as rebellious, anti-authoritarian, intellectually assaultive, as well as technically innovative and highly experimental. Istvan's radically changing and often extreme, yet creative ambitions are always related to his living environment and social condition. Kantor lived in Budapest, Paris, Montreal, New York and is presently a resident of Toronto.

In recent years, Istvan has participated at major international performance and video events in Canada, USA, Transylvania, France, Yugoslavia, Spain, Poland, Mexico, England, Scotland, Hungary, Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Holland and Japan.


In 1997, his work was shown at Kurzfilmtage in Oberhausen, Germany; WRO '97 Medi Art Biennale in Wroczlaw, Poland; 7a*11d in Toronto, Canada; World Wide Video Festival in Amsterdam, Holland; 3rd Manifestation Internationale Video et Art Electronique in Montreal, Canada; ROOTless '97 in Hull, England; Spiel Art '97 in Munchen, Germany; and the Electronic Media Forum at the Bauhaus Center in Dessau, Germany.

He also coordinated a series of Neoist?! anti-events that took place in three cities in Hungary.

In 1996, Kantor performed/exhibited new works at the Music Gallery; DeLeon White Gallery; Media Forum '96; Cinecycle; Savage Garden; 372; and Symptom Hall in Toronto. And at Body Archives; Roulette; Knitting Factory; and Void in New York City. A special program of his video work was presented at the Festival du Nouveau Cinema in Montreal.