David Koloane




Critical writer


Operational director for

Speedy Bag Studios




South Africa







David Koloane is a painter who in 1991, along with Robert Loder and Sandy Burnett, founded the Fordsburg Artists' Studios (a section 21 Association Not For Gain). This collective studio space is the first of its kind in South Africa. The Bag Factory, as it is known, answered the need for suitable working studios and helped overcome the isolation experienced by artists, particularly those from the townships.

Over the years it has served to bring together artists from diverse cultural backgrounds in a working environment where the exchange and flow of ideas stimulate both their creativity and production. Many of South Africa's leading contemporary artists have, at some stage of their careers, worked at the studios.

The Bag Factory acts as a primary point of contact for visiting artists, curators and gallery owners.

Koloane is also an accomplished critical arts writer who has been published internationally.


Koloane's The Journey is on exhibition for the first time as a part of The Museum for African Art's show entitled "Liberated Voices: Contemporary Art from South Africa" in New York City (autumn 1999) . The four panels hanging depict the artist's representative depictions of Steven Biko's (founder of the Black Consciousness Movement in the 1970'