Pat Mautloa






Western Transvaal, South Africa






oneoeople met with Pat Mautloa at the Speedy Bag in Newtown, Johannesburg. Entering the studio of this artist whose work has been exhibited and published internationally, I felt that I was entering an open yet very private space. Paint cans, brushes, paper, scrap metal, wood, glass, wire; canvas, coffee cups, mason jars of paint stained water . . . both works-in-progress and finished pieces scattered around the 12 x 15' space, lying on tables, hanging on walls, stacked up against the walls.

Mautloa's portfolio is a diverse one indeed. Scrap materials attached to a board and painted with such a subtle brush evoke the essence of a glimmering light, or a tryptich of feed bags painted with the emblematic South African flag. Representational paintings on canvas; reconstructive installations.