Osvaldos Hernandez

Mexico, Belgium


Osvaldo Hernandez currently lives in Brussels with his wife and two year old daughter. He continues to record and perform around the world. A very-much-in-demand musician.

Born and raised in Mexico, Osvaldo Hernandez did not receive academic training for his art, but learnt from playing with many local/traditional musicians and is, consequently, very proficient on many percussive and stringed instruments. He first came to Belgium performing with a traditional Mexican ensemble. Hernandez continued to stay in Brussels by receiving more work with many diverse groups. Having toured extensively with many performing artists and groups, Hernandez has also recently finished a new recording- and is a member of the touring ensemble - with "Deep Forest." He is also featured in the debut recording of the Argentinean "Carlos

Most recently Osvaldos recorded on the new CD "ITSHE', by Aura Msimang.