United States


Pixie has been writing and photographing since
age 6. She attended the School of Visual Arts in New York City for film and is currently working on exhibiting and publishing her work. Her love of travel has woven a wider understanding of culture, history and spiritual connection, which she expresses often in her work. She is interested in combining her photography and writing into book format and eventually publishing her own book in the future.

She is also currently working on music videos in the Los Angeles area, where she now resides, after two years of living in the Middle East.

Some sources of inspiration are the Fae, Arthurian legend, Froud, glitter, kittens, Mae West, rain, moonlight, Rackham, rhyme and prose, dancing, Harlow, spirits, pop rocks, peacock feathers, gloss, dreams, Clara Bow, thunderstorms,Goddesses, bedtime stories and women who speak their truths and believe in themselves.