Recordings and collaborations

•"Down Wind and out of tyme"

•Test Market #1

•Jesus Christ Superstar

•You Are here #5 Criminal Records
•Guillotine Music Sampler

Toilet cleaner

Composer, Musician and Co-founder of onepeople, Paul brings over eighteen years experience in sound design and production to the company. After immigrating to the United States from South Africa in 1983, Paul studied audio engineering and has served as a sound designer and performer for numerous projects. He has recorded and produced four of his own albums, Seeds, Down and Out of Tyme, Tone and Yet to be known, in addition to appearing on countless other recordings.

The last six years have been spent working fulltime on composing and mastering in the Pro Tools environment. He has expanded his creative palette and commercial clientele through local post-production houses. Now having authored a number of websites he spends most of his time staring at glowing pixels and has become a complete computer geek.

Recent projects include original compositions for CD-ROMs : Symantec, Siemens and The Aleph -- a collaboration with Maurice Clifford and Mick O'Dowd. In addition he authored and provided music for Miami based photographer Eric Henderson's DVD

In November of 2001 he started his own radio show on the Jefferson Public Radio station. Possible musics is a on-air remixing show of trance, ambient, dub, minimilism and drum and bass.

2002 saw the birth of the one people voice company, Founded by Grady Cousins the company produces monkey chant workshops and performs the Bela Ganjur (Balinese Marching Gamelan).

2003 was a busy year seeing the birth of RipeAtlanta and the Temple of Gravity. In early 2004 he relocated to the bay area to focus all energies on the one people voice company


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