Roger Ruzow
Roger V. Ruzow
Musician and composer
Atlanta, Georgia


Roger Ruzow - Performer/Composer/Teacher - has been performing trumpet for almost 20 years. A founding member of Gold Sparkle Band, and his own, Ensemble Elastique, he has toured and performed all over the U.S of.A. Additionally, Rzuow's compositions have been featured on several Gold Sparkle cd-releases, as well as used on documentary soundtracks. With a compositional style he calls "Comprovisation"-- a mixture of composition and improvisation, where the structure may or may not influence the improvisational section -- there is a reliance on the situation and the individual, thus allowing the performance of each piece to have a seperate place in time. Ruzow has collaborated and performed with : Gold Sparkle Band, Gold Sparkle Duo, Nuzion Big Band, William Parker and Other Dimensions in Music, Daniel Carter, Ken Vandermark and members of DKV, Toshi Makihara, Julian Sparacino, Members of Sun Ra Arkestra, Paul Jorgensen, and many others . . .

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