Jane Taylor

Writer, Curator

Cape Town


onepeople met with Jane Taylor, January 1998, in Cape Town, South Africa. It was another hot day at the Cape. Having made a lunch date with Jane earlier in the week, we were pleasantly delighted when we arrived at the restaurant. Midway from the ocean to the base of Table Mountain, the cafe offered indoors and outdoor seating on its pleasant perch on the hillside.

Paul and I spent more than two hours with Jane discussing art in South Africa, her background, other artists and life in general . . .

Recently Jane Taylor has been working with contemporary South African culture and its processes. In 1996 Jane Taylor initiated a series of cultural responses to the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. These events, collectively called "Fault Lines", included an art exhibition at the Cape Town castle; a series of readings by writers from Chile, Israel, Portugal, Germany, Sudan, Zimbabwe, Canada, South Africa, the Czech Republic; an academic conference; a workshop for journalists covering the Truth Commission; radio shows.

In 1997 her first play (script) , "Ubu and the Truth Commission," directed by William Kentridge, was performed by the Handspring Puppet Company.

This production having been performed throughout Europe last year will open in New York City this September.