Paul Du Toit




Video Artist


Born In Johannesburg

Lives in Cape Town







We first heard of Paul's work through Alex Hamilton at Bang the Gallery in Cape Town

He recently produced a short film called .origins.of.modern.human:channel surfing. The first video installation took place at the South African National Gallery on 5 November 1999. You can go to his site and read the Director's Notes from the event .



The following is an essay by Professor Mark Jurey

I left the Picasso museum in Paris in a Bart Simpson funk. I had the feeling that I was being conned. How many examples of male genitalia and pubescent hormone problems can one endure before noon. Paul du Toit's work may look like Picasso's, but, unlike the Macho Man, it has the energy and feel of a first hand experience. Having discovered his painting and sculpture, I was surprised to find that Paul shows the expressive character and clarity of a true primitive. Much of Picasso's work was influenced by pre-literate masks and sculpture, but it usually oozes with the self conscious, ego driven, politically correct, look of a fake. Pablo was playing visual games with second hand imagery. But, Paul du Toit seems to have real contact with the loony evolution of the Universe and is able to express this connection in his work. His untainted eye sees clearly and he obviously has none of the hang-ups of an academically trained artist. The line is quick and honest. The sense of balance and harmony complete. If his work reminds us of Bart Simpson, it may be because Bart also expresses the "primitive" aspects of our media mad cultural. After a quiet morning spent in a garden of Miró sculpture, I feel free--I smile knowingly at the world around me. But, happy art has rarely been taken seriously and I suspect that Paul, like Miró and Bart, will always have this problem. Humor, like first hand knowledge and honesty, will always be politically incorrect. Standing in Los Angeles, media and hype capital of the world, it looks like Paul du Toit may be the real thing.