Voice Crack

Crack'd Electronic Musicians



Installation Artists



St Gallen, Switzerland





Having played together for nearly 30 years, Norbert and Andy have a working relationship that runs deep, and share a passion for creating their soundwave distortions.

February 2000

Voice Crack performed at the connect event produced by One People in Atlanta, Georgia February 2000.

Dec 16 '99

We received new Voice Crack recording called Infra_red, arrangements are being finalized for a February show in Atlanta.

One People visited Voice Crack in September 1997 .

Their studio is filled rows and rows of shelves of everyday crack'd electronics. Record players, broken electronic games, wires, needles, transistor radios . . . Old installations stand on the cement floor, and new projects / cracked instruments pile the work table . . .

To hear some of Voice Crack's music please visit the music pages